Top 10 Paid Apps for Your Mac

by Aakash Agarwal

App is such a wonderful thing; be it a smartphone, tablet or a personal computer, you can extend its functionality in no time by installing this tiny piece of software. So, if you are a user of Mac and looking around to extend its functionality, then installing some useful apps is the way to go. Here we have compiled a list of best apps for your Mac, and we’ve tried to make it a good mix of all sorts that you need in your daily life – right from utility to security to games and fun.

1. iA Writer

ia-writer-appIA Writer is one of the coolest word processors you will ever be using in Mac OS. Its unique feature is Focus mode wherein you can frame your sentence at a time; and surrounding text will be faded in the background. This feature will help you in writing more accurate sentences. You can even sync documents using Dropbox and iCloud. This app also spells out your errors keeping your sentences concise.

2. Swackett – weather, fashion and fun

swackett-weather-fashion-and-funOne of the interesting visual weather apps available on your Mac OS. In this app, the weather data is converted into visual weather data which can be easily understood by children, adults, and elders alike. Current weather details are shown by crafted ‘people’ symbols called “peeps”. Peeps appear in appropriate dress depending upon the current weather. The app gives detailed forecast with radar images.

3. Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD

galaxy-on-fire-full-hdThe game between space and time has arrived on your Mac OS. You can experience numerous star stations, planets and space systems. This app has hundreds of power ups, weapons with 30 customized spaceships. It’s a combination of sandbox, story, and mission game play. You can even take screenshots and share them on social networking sites. It has high quality visualization with 3D models and 3D soundtracks.

4. Money by Jumsoft

money-by-jumsoftNow sit back and keep command on your financial life by this app on your Mac. You can create multiple accounts for your credit cards, bank accounts, and loans for easy accounting. You can even generate and print checks by entering your transaction details which will help you save your valuable time. You can even track your investments and depict your stocks and portfolio in charts.

5. Investoscope

investoscope-macNow, the portfolio tracker app named Investoscope is available on Mac OS. You can track numerous portfolios in your desired currency. This app also gives useful reports, like performance reports and capital gains. The transactions can be imported from CSV or OFX files. It supports various accounting methods such as LIFO, FIFO, specific lot and average identifications. It lets you oversee your performance in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds.

6. djay

djay-mac-appHere comes the DJ system app known as djay on your Mac OS. It allows you to perform live or record mixes or mix your playlist automatically by enabling Automix mode. It’s very easy to use and its features like Sampler and Harmonic match take the Djing to the advanced level. It’s helpful to both, beginners as well as professionals. It has BPM Sync feature that automatically matches your beats and tempo.

7. The Photo Cookbook

the-photo-cookbookNow the cooking course is on your Mac OS through this app named as The Photo Cookbook. It has 240 recipes under four topics. All recipes are accompanied with photographs of ingredients. This app also lets you email the list of ingredients. It has search function for searching your recipes and ingredients. At the end, the high-resolution photograph of the finished dish is presented in front of you.

8. Things

things-app-for-macThings is a task manager app. You can decide the tasks for today and put them in Today’s list. You can even schedule your tasks and do them later. You can also keep your life and work organized. This app has Quick Entry Window with Autofill feature where you can pre-fill your saved tasks and by using this window you can enter your ideas that click your mind anytime. You can categorize your tasks in terms of priority, time, etc. which you feel is most relevant.

9. 1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet

1password-password-manager-and-secure-wallet1Password is a password storage app for Mac. As you might have experienced, it’s very difficult to remember banks, and email passwords. This app will make all your banks, and email passwords strong and unique, and will save your user name and passwords for each of the IDs. Whenever you wish to log in, you don’t have to put strain on your brain to recollect your password; you can directly log in through 1Password app.

10. Monopoly

monopoly-app-macExperience the Monopoly game on your Mac OS. You can enjoy this ‘4 difficulty level game’ either in 3 players mode, or with computer as your opponent. You can grab helpful hints to explore new strategies. If you are an experienced Monopoly player, then this game is rated best for you as you can learn few things. You can even use loaded dice tactics to grab exciting strategy.

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