Top 5 Android Game Apps

by Aakash Agarwal

There are many factors that contribute and make Android the ‘best mobile OS’. Android’s openness is one of those factors. It’s because of openness only why Android has a strong developer base. The third-party developers are responsible for the availability of high-end games and apps in Google Play. Because of high-end games created by them, Android has become favorite gaming gadget of many. If you are a true gaming freak, then you must be having many good games on your Android device. Would you like to enhance your gaming experience on your Android device? Wondering about how to do so? Well, by installing incredible games on it. Don’t know which Android game apps are the best? Don’t panic! Here is the list.

1. Subway Surfers


In a very short time since its development, this game has become favorite Android game of many. If you have not played this game on your Android device yet, then believe me, you have not tasted the real Android gaming. Better taste it right away by installing this game. The graphics are good and so are the sound effects. Both along with good concept of game make it highly addictive. Jake, Tricky & Fresh are three central characters of the game. Your objective is to make all three of them escape from grumpy Inspector and his dog.

2. Temple Run 2


Remember the Temple Run? Yeah, the game that created a buzz in the Android gaming world! That game has got its second part which is given the name ‘Temple Run 2’. Just like the ‘Temple Run’, the ‘Temple Run 2’ has crossed tens of millions of downloads. Such a huge number of Android users are having fun by playing this game, but shockingly, you’re not! Don’t waste your time any more! This game is waiting for you in Google Play. Download and install it right away, and dive into the virtual world of excitement and fun.

3. Angry Birds Star Wars HD


The anger of Angry Birds has crossed all limits. They are now in the mood of wars against the pigs. Yeah, the pigs are deadly, too! Both parties are in full anger, and are blessed with super natural powers. Exchange of these powers on one another creates a deadly scene. Play in a way so that Angry Birds win this deadly scene.

4. Cut the Rope


This game is one of the few evergreen Android games. I bet that at the first sight, you’ll fall in love with lovely monster, who is hungry unfortunately. Your job is to feed him with the candy that lies in his front. Wondering, why the monster does not go and eat candy himself? Well, he is trapped in the ropes. It is you who is required to cut the ropes. Wait! Not randomly, but cut in the way that candy reaches monster.

5. 100 Gates


Use the clues and open the ‘right’ gate – this is what you need to do in this game. After opening the right gate, proceed ahead, and open the next one using the new clues. Seems funny and simple? Well, it’s simple to hear, but hard to do! Play the game the right away for proof of my words!

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