Top 5 Android Apps for Your Tiny Tots

by Aakash Agarwal

Following are the top 5 android apps for your tiny tots, which are no less than heaven for children since they offer a world of their own where children are surely going to enhance their passion and skills to the fullest. Therefore, it will not create any problem for parents who will equally be the happiest ones by seeing children engrossed in doing the things which they like the best.

1. PicsArt for Kids

pics-art-for-kids-androidKids love to play with colors and making drawings. Isn’t it? Since, it amuses and interests them and if given a chance they will keep on playing with the same for hours together as well. Therefore, this app is perfectly suited for them. Now, they can indulge in some fun and frolic by equally showing their creativity as the app gives them the luxury to draw on empty canvas. They can further enhance their excitement level as they can color on ready made cartoon, cars, and fishes etc.

2. Kids Paint Free

kids-paint-free-appEvery kid is an artist in himself. Isn’t? Especially if they have the brush, they can paint any thing, just any thing. However, the fear of getting dirty walls stops us towards promoting them in their passion. But the million dollar question is why to stop them towards indulging in the same when you can actually save your walls including every thong for that matter. After all, Kids Paint Free offers kids the perfect ammunition who just loves to sketch. Kids can now showcase their creativity through canvas by enhancing the charisma of pictures. You can purchase app in both free as well as paid version. The paid one has its own set of advantages as it comes with bigger canvas etc.

3. Brain Age Game

brain-age-gameLearning should be fun and this Android app is specially designed to educate children between three and nine years in the most exciting as well as fun-filled manner. The app is a part of anatomy which equally guides them as they start identifying and associating major organs of the body. Thereafter, they get to know the terms such as blood circulation, food digestion etc in the most playful manner through the app.

4. Kids Zoo Animal Sounds and Photos

kids-zoo-animal-sounds-and-photosHow can you sideline or overlook the passion amongst children for pictures and this app work wonders towards teaching them about the same. Through the app, kids can gain knowledge about animals which they have heard in the past by equally letting them pronounce their names in a proper way as well. The app equally creates sound in front of pictures so that they can relate to the specific animal based on the sound which they hear.

5. The Shape Monster

shape-monster-game-appWhen there is talk of children’s apps, then it naturally has to be fun and interesting which indeed binds the interest of children. Isn’t it? Shape Monster is the perfect reflection of the same. In the game, Shape Monster is a chef, who mesmerizes and keeps children entertained by asking what shape of foodstuffs children like him to pass on from the bottom of screen.

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