Top 10 Facebook Apps To Watch Out For This Christmas Eve

by Aakash Agarwal

Facebook helps you stay connected with your friends and families and when you think of sending Christmas wishes, then the first name that comes in your mind is that of Facebook. You just have to update your status with Christmas greetings and everybody in your friend’s list will come to know about it all at once. There are some special festive apps that make Facebook even more interesting. The apps that are present this festive season are free as well as paid ones too, so depending on your preferences you can either go for the paid apps or you can make use of the free app too.

Candy Crush Saga

candy-crush-sagaThis is the app with the help of which you can enjoy the Christmas eve at home with your friends and family. This Christmas eve everything will be different when you will play this addictive puzzle game.


spotifyIt is a music streaming app through which you can get into the mood of Christmas Eve this year. You can access the innumerous numbers of songs that is there on the list and if you want, you can share it with others too.

Microsoft Live

With the help of this messenger app you can share all the fun moments with your family members who stay far away. Now staying connected with them on the Christmas Eve won’t be a costly affair anymore. Through Microsoft Live, you will have all your facebook friends close by your side. Sharing photos, updating status, etc. can be easily accomplished through this app.


tinderNo need to feel bored or lonely this Christmas Eve as this app ensures that you stay connected to the people who likes you. There are contacts nearby, whom you might not know, but this app ensures that they let you know about them and if you like them, then you can revert back.


bingBing is the perfect combination of search engine and friends on facebook. On Christmas Eve we are in a hurry to complete so many chores that we don’t have so much time to waste in searching, therefore, keep this app handy and you will be able to save a lot of time.

Criminal Case

Criminal-CaseHow good you are at solving criminal cases? This game app will enhance your investigation skill and solve the crime puzzle.


timehopWant to enjoy the time that is left behind, then Timehop is the thing for you. It will take you 7 years back, so that you can enjoy the social history of yours back then.

Words with friends

Words-with-friendsStart playing this word game with your friends and family and you would soon see how time flies by.


PinterestThis Christmas Eve, Pinterest is a must otherwise how are you going to manage or share or organize all the beautiful pictures that you are going to click on this festive season.


YoutubeEnjoy the Christmas videos on YouTube along with your friends and family to make it all the more special.

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