Staying One Step Ahead In The Competition Through Apple Watch

by Aakash Agarwal

Apple has always tried to stay ahead in the competition and this time it has come up with software that will help the developers to design apps especially for the watch they are still designing. This way the users will have the apps ready by the time Apple is ready with its brand new smart watch. It has its own developer’s community that is efficient enough to manage and design some of the most exciting apps.


With the help of this software, which is called the WatchKit, the developers will be able to develop some actionable notifications along with Glances which will be perfect for accessing information time to time easily.

The Apple Watch

The Apple watch is the most special device ever to come out of the Apple flagship and that is the reason they are also taking care of the apps that will come along with it before it comes out in the market. They will have access to new technologies like the Digital Crown, Force Touch as well as Taptic Engine to develop breakthrough apps for the innovative interface of Apple Watch. Developers now with the help of this software, they will be able to come up with notification design, which will allow the users to take action right from their wrist. These notifications might include daily stuffs like turning off light when nobody is there at home or accessing the details of the flight quickly right on your wrist while you are on your way to the airport. Even rerouting will also be allowed, in case, you have the bus or the train arriving late. Glances can be incorporated into the app, just to help the users with the quick access to the information that is generally used by the users like the latest sports scores or the latest news or even the status of the alarm system and in case you are a foodie, then you can have the recipe ready to read through.

Developers excited about the software

The developers who have gone through the new software are eager to make use of the software to come up with some new apps that will define the whole meaning of the smart watch. When you are on the go, then the users generally miss out on the live scores of their favorite sports, but now that they have ESPN app incorporated into the Apple Watch, every detail will be available right on the wrist. Moreover, Glance will help with the snapshots of the games that are being played at the moment and in case, there is no live game, then the app will show you the game time and all other required information. Instagram experience will get a whole new definition with the help of emoji and likes for a photo. Then, there is the American Airlines for letting you know about the flight details. iOS 8.2 beta includes WatchKit and is immediately available for the developer community at Apple. You will get the templates, guidelines and many more things in there and the developer can take assistance from them.

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