Top 5 Android Backup Apps

by Aakash Agarwal

Android has been in the forefront of providing the best of apps which have made our lives luxurious and literally king size. The things which were considered to be quite challenging and time consuming are now a child’s play. Here are the top five android backup apps which will help you in the best possible manner.

1. G Cloud Backup

g-cloud-backup-appAt the time of taking backup, how can you overlook the important constituents of your phone in terms of messages, calendar appointments, contacts, applications, music etc? Non root users get access to this app and the data is accessed through Amazon’s G cloud service. Now, how are you going to access the data?

It is easy, since all you have to do is to enter your email id and password. Here you will be gifted with 1 GB of data and it is up to you to enhance the same by referring to others. Therefore, rest assured the app work wonders in saving all your precious data in the best possible manner. Play Store is the place where you can get the app for free and you are surely going to enjoy to the fullest as well.

2. My Backup Pro

mybackup_pro_appYou surely cannot sideline the importance of this app since this app will give backup to your device in a full-fledged manner? You can access the data by signing up with your PIN number as well as password which lets you gain access to the online data. In comparison to backing the data to the SD card, cloud backup does take time but in order to ensure double security it is advisable to have dual copies of data. Isn’t it?

3. Titanium Backup

titanium-backup-appThe Titanium Backup gives you so many features to die for. There is Google Drive, Dropbox and Box which ensures the backup. Thanks to various enhanced features, it is quite a preferred app.

4. App Backup and Restore

app-backup-and-restoreIf you are looking to archive specific app along with backing them up, then this app is surely the best amongst all. Since, it is synonymous with detailed features such as backup, quick install along with multi-version backup. Therefore, make use of this app and experience the best of comfort and ease.

5. SMS Backup+

sms-backup-plusIf you are looking for a service which backup your SMS or MMS or even call logs, then look no further, since it will accomplish your needs. The app gives a backup to your Gmail. You have the option of choosing out of two versions. Since, one works with Android 4.x design while the other one stands out to be the original app.

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